The Quran is a healing for physical and psychological diseases. If reading Al-Fatiha (The Opening) cures a patient if Allah permits, what about who memorize the whole Quran? You will get rid of devilish whispers; your body immunity will increase due to the great change you experience while you are memorizing the Quran.
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Our Tahfisul-Qur’an ( Qur’an Memorization) section was specifically established to ease the burden our memorizing the word of Al-mighty Allah by the Muslim Ummah, both young and adult and in an effective way.

We have Mualims of great knowledge and years of experience to hand-take us to the promised land. We also have outlined the memorisation in easy way and with newly introduced technology to aid the memorisation, at last, we shall all be happy.

Enrollment: Come to our Lagos study centre at 28 Kollington Street, Aboru, Iyana-Ipaja for instant inquiry and enrollment. You may also get more info by mailing us to: or call 08187256312.

Starts today, as Tomorrow in endless!