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This is the first Muslim college established within Akinola and Aboru Area of Lagos State.

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Here is MCA Computer Institute where our students learn nitty-gritty of computer theory & practical in a conducive environment. Be it evening, weekend or long holiday class, it is made to suit your needs.

After graduate support like Job/Self employment know-how, unlimited peer initiative support are few of the benefits to all our students.

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Tahfisul-Qur’an (Qur’an Memorization) is one of the most blessed act that can be done by a Muslim in terms of seeking knowledge. Knowing Allah’s words off-hand and making its impact felt in the environment are among our core objectives.

We have therefore laid a solid foundation for our children to take this path in an easy way, join us with your children enrollment for better tomorrow.  Click here to read more…


MCA has set up a kind of integration that will continue to support our children even after graduation and leaving our college, computer class or madrasa. The integration include the build of an online get-together platform that connects the school, the parents and the students altogether, to monitor present and out-gone students, even years after leaving the school.
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MCA Family Foundation is an entity establishment formed to cater for The Care of Tomorrow Today for our Primary, College and Tahfisul-Qur’an students; The staff members, the parents, and then the entire Muslim community.

It is our view to use this foundation to support students whose parents might have sudden death or relatively long disability which makes it impossible for the parents to continue the funding of the education of such ……. Click here to read more…


Mordiyah Children Academy (MCA) is on its track to do more for our children. Browsing through our site will enable you appreciate our programs and the ones we are still planning.

The site is full of intellectual and academic resources (write up) from the admin, parents, our present and out-gone students. Our gallery pages can also give you idea about us.

Above all, tell us whats next that we need to do. what do we need to add or remove to further support our children. Click here write us now. Your suggestion will be acknowledged.