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You can go as far as you can imagine and willing to.

The year 2019 and beyond are going to need people that can fit in to Information Age status, so, the below courses should be given due attention. If you’re still confused about careers to focus on in 2019 and beyond think about the following courses;

  1. Cyber Security
    2. Information Systems
    3. Data Science
    4. Artificial Intelligence
    5. Machine Learning
    6. Virtual Reality
    7. Blockchain Technology
    8. Photography
    9. Internet of Things
    10. Systems Science
    11. Alternative Energy Solutions
    12. Aeroponics
    13. Animation Science
    14. Robotics
    15. Digital Marketing
    16. Data Analytics
    17. Deep Learning
    18. Cryptography
    19. Mobile Phone Solutions
    20. Android Development
    21. IOS Development
    22. Database Systems
    23. Network security
    24. Fabrics science
    25. Shoe making
    26. Interactive 3D Graphics
    27. Google Analytics
    28. Hydroponics
    29. Creative Writing
    30. Spoken Words
    31. Predictive Analytics for Businesses
    32. Self Driving Car Engineering
    33. Python
    34. Google Ads
    35. Flyings Cars and Autonomous Flight Engineering
    36. Forex Trading Solutions
    37. Genetics: Tales from the Genome
    38. Plant Science
    39. Psychology
    40. Transportation Solutions
    41. Financial Trading and Investment
    42. Nutrition

The following platforms would be of great help if you decide on any of the courses:

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