Securing your children admitted into Mordiyah Children Academy (Daycare, Nursery, Primary and College) is easy with few steps:

Mordiyah Nursery and Primary (Montessori) rear building (admission block)
Mordiyah Nursery and Primary (Montessori) rear building (admission block)


  1. Get the child’s passport photograph, photocopy of birthday certificate and photocopy of last result
  2. Come to school at 28, Kollinton Street, Via Baba-Ijesha, Aboru, Iyana-ipaja (college), with items in number 1 and with the child. Collect School Admission form, school bill, school bank account details and other requirements or 21 Shoremekun Street, via Baba Ijesha, Aboru (Nursery and primary)
  3. The child will do entrance examination so as to confirm his/her standard to the class. A minimum score of 50% is welcomed. Children (primary 6) with standard exam results like LEC (LEAMSP exam for primary 6) with 50% does not need writing our school exam again.
  4. After the child has been confirmed to our standard, the school bill will have to be paid to our bank account. Its only this payment that guarantees the child’s admission as our policy is: No payment, no admission.

Payment of School bill:

  1. All payments should be made to the school bank account and the teller is presented to the school for receipt collection. (call the school phone number for account details)
  2. Before child’s admission/subsequent resumption, minimum of 75% of the school bill has to be paid while the balance of 25% is paid before or by resumption of mid term break.
  3. Any child whose bill has not been settled appropriately needs not come to school until the necessary things are done.

For more information, do call 08033876280 or 08187256312 or WhatsApp 09086456832

Computer Institute Admission Procedure

Enrollment into our computer institute is as follows:
+ Obtain our admission form, fill and submit after you must have made verification about the particular program you want to enroll for among the computer programs.

+ You also submit along with the form: a passport photograph, and payment teller for at least 75% of the tuition paid. You also need to consider the session as we have three sessions. Click here to read more details about the computer program

All our students, parents and teachers enjoy our special interactive portal. This portal enables every stakeholder to login and do things online without having need to come physically to the school building. visit for details.